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Pure Fitness and Sports & raise over £500 via

The Maxi Fun Club are very pleased that Pure Fitness and Sports and are continuing to raise money for our club through and they have just passed the £500 mark. The have currently raised £535.84 at the time of the publication of our current newsletter.

We recently spoke with Pure Fitness an

d Sports and to ask them why they had chosen the Maxi Fun Club, and their experiences of using Here is what they had to say.

The Maxi Fun Club is a charity close to our hearts and we understand the challenges parents face with day to day family life with disabled children. We decided to use easyfundraising.orgbecause the process of allocating donations from our suppliers is very straightforward. 90% of our packaging and stationary suppliers support so by simply diverting our orders via their site was quick and easy. There are no forms to fill out each time you order, just a simple click to acknowledge each time we order. All the department heads within Puretec Ltd place all orders via on popular sites such as, and Viking Direct.

From everyone at the Maxi Fun Club we say a BIG THANK YOU to Pure Fitness and Sports and for your continued support to our club.

You too can help as well. If you work for a Company, or you have your own business, or know someone that does, they can also help raise money for the Maxi Fun Club. It really is that easy and it will not cost them anything extra to raise via

Don't forget you can also do it personally if you shop online as well.

If you have not already registered just click on the link below to start raising money for the Maxi Fun Club.

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