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We organise and subsidise leisure activities for DISABLED CHILDREN and their families in the Hull or East Riding area.


The Maxi Fun Club is for Disabled Children and their Families.

Mainly funded by BBC Children in Need with additional funding from private donations for our becoming of age children.


We are a group of parents who were having trouble accessing family leisure activities for

our disabled children and their brothers and sisters, so we decided to set up our own group.


We needed our children to have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of interests and activities,  but found that inclusive activities often were too noisy,  too busy (some of our children have enormous difficulty with the concept of waiting!) too rough or simply not ability appropriate.


So we decided to organise our own!


Our regular get-togethers are weekly and we do try to arrange either exclusive use or quiet times at the venues that have been chosen by club members.  We organise and subsidise these events but as we are a bunch of parents and carers, and have no paid staff, we cannot supervise children.  


Our activities are to be enjoyed by families and children being taken out for a treat by a carer, and each child is the responsibility of the adult that accompanies them. It’s a good chance for parents and carers to meet for a chat.  A lot of parents have found out a great deal about services they can access and other information relating to disability issues, as a direct result of our group’s get-togethers!


The regular type of activities we do include swimming, soft play, ten pin bowling, indoor play and so on.


There are also less regular or special one off activities, often in the school holidays which will be on the latest newsletter.

Click on the News page for special events or upcoming dates of all regular activities.


If you want to contact any of the Organising team for details, go to our Contact Us page.


To join up and receive regular newsletters or to be emailed the latest newsletter.


Click on email and we can send you one.


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