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Splash Zone and Swimming at Bridlington Leisure Centre

We hire exclusively the Splash Zone and Swimming Pools at Bridlington Leisure Centre that includes waterplay features and two interactive water slides connected to the learner pool.

Splash Zone - home of two state-of-the-art waterslides, Aqua Smash and Slide Champ, and an interactive waterplay structure, suitable for all the family from toddlers through to adults.

For more information please email us at

Our next Exclusive sessions for 2022 are

Saturday 23 April
17:30 - 18:30
Saturday 4 June
17:30 - 18:30

Aqua Smash

Aqua Smash is orange and has blue, red and green sensors inside it. Users will score points by touching the sensors while sliding down. At the end they will push a button and a score will be registered. It's not just the points that contribute to the score - the sliding speed will also play a part, to produce a unique overall score for everyone. Who will set the best score of the day?

Bridlington Splash Zone Photo 4.jpg
Bridlington Splash Zone Photo 2.jpg

Slide Champ

Slide Champ is red - it's the speed slide! The tube is sized so that users have to lie down. The clock starts when the user starts off, and as they speed down the tube, the daylight rings get closer together until the user splashes out of the tube. There'll be a chance to check times on the digital score board.

Bridlington Splash Zone Photo 1.jpg
Bridlington Splash Zone Photo 3.jpg
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